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ContusM Publications initiate membership program with an aim to provide largest pool of open access scientific work globally. There will be a lot of researches done every day and to explore it in scientific community we accomplish the idea of making scientific dissemination open access. We support work of scientists, eminent researchers, academician, and healthcare professionals, research institutions, funding organizations. We offer with various benefits to scientists, universities, institutions, students, research organization.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is available for post-doctoral fellows, researchers, assistant/associate professors and professors. The individual member must be the corresponding author for the submitted articles. The registered member(author) can submit 15 articles during the membership period to any of our journasl listed in the journals section.

Departmental Membership

Departmental membership is available for all respective department of the educational institutions or organizations. Authors from the registered department of an institution/university/organization can submit their manuscripts. Author's affiliation must be from the registered department of respected university/institution.

Institution Membership

The registered University/Educational Institute/Research Organizations can publish any number of articles for the period of one year to any journal of ContusM. The registered University/ Educational Institute/Research Organizations will get a prestigious certificate of one-year.