Author Guidelines

This international open access and peer-reviewed journal warmly invites authors to publish original research, review article, case reports, mini reviews, short communications, editorials, letter to editor, case series, case blogs, case study, clinical videos and etc. Articles need to submit in a preferably MS word format or files can be compressed into zip file and submit it. Below are the guidelines that need to be followed by authors before submitting article to the journal. This journal and publisher's are dedicated to publish original research work or material which is neither been published nor copying the same content. It should not be in state of publishing in any other journals. To ensure above criteria, we use different softwares to check the plagiarism to the submitted manuscripts. After plagiarism process is done, the journal follows rapid double blinded peer-review process, where authors and reviewers’ identities are kept confidential and secure. Review process will take minimum 2-3 weeks and after receiving comments/reviews upon which final decision will be taken for acceptance of manuscript.

Submission Guidelines

Types of Manuscripts and Formats

Research Article: Article should not contain more than 6000 words, abstract word limit should be 250 words. There is no restriction on number of images, tabular columns.

Review Article: The article should contain no more than 4500 words, and the abstract word limit should be 250 words.

Case Report: The Case Report article should contain no more than 3000 words, and the abstract word limit should be 250 words.

Mini-Review: Article should not contain more than 2500 words, abstract word limit should be 250 words.

Short Communications: Article length should be resricted to 2000 words and can contain two figures or tables.

Letter to Editor: Article should not contain more than 1000 words with maximum of 10 references.

Clinical Image: Maximum 3 images along with 250 words need to be submitted in clinical image.

Editorial: Article count should be between 1200-1500.

Manuscript Preparation Format and Guidelines

All the manuscripts submitted to the journal need to be submitted in following format:

Cover Letter

Mandatory cover letter needs to be submitted along with manuscript. A statement confirming the approval of all co-authors involve in preparing and submitting manuscript. Declaration of any potential conflict of interest. There should be also confirmation that the content of manuscript has not been published in or in state of consideration for publications by any other journals.

Title and Author Details

The title should be specific yet concise. A complete detail of all authors affiliation details including department, university or organization, city, state/province (if applicable), and country, telephone no. email address.


An abstract is a vital part and it summarize whole article within 200-250 words or 250-300 words. It should include the following sub-headings, but these may vary depending on type of article: Aims, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion.


Keywords that are important for the article need to be mentioned, followed by semicolon. 6-8 vital keywords include in this section.

Body of the Article (Text)

It is the main part of the content which includes separate sections such as introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion and acknowledgment.


It covers broader context. It concludes brief dissemination of research work or experiments.

Materials and Methods

Statistical methods with enough details are available to readers. There will also be description of participants or what was studied. Mentioning ay adverse events or side effects. Authors describe with limitation of the study.


It covers all relevant positive and negative findings. Tables and Figures can be included in this part.


It should give detailed representation of data, starting with brief but comprehensive of the main findings.


In this section, final result what we get from the article by using methods/ experiment is included and further researchers can be done by these observations.

Conflicts of Interest

Author should mention conflict of interest to avoid further hurdles or any problem after article publication.


Authors who have contributors directly or indirectly in preparing manuscript should be listed in this section.


References need to mention according to standard and format should be in vancouver.

Instructions for Editorial Board Members

  • Editor should check whether the submitted manuscript fits within the scope of journal or not. Editor should assign the article to the reviewer's based on area of expertise.
  • The primary role of an editorial board member is responsible for peer review process, decisions and suggestions on review comments of submitted manuscript for improving journal quality by adopting policy guidelines issued by the publisher.
  • Editors should ready to hold the responsibility for the whole Journal content and actions.
  • Editor should contribute to the growth of the journal.
  • Ensure consistent communication with the editorial office or editorial manager of respected journal.
  • Every editorial board member must submit at least one manuscript in a year.
  • Promote journal prestige in their affiliated academic community and institutions.
  • Board Membership for an editorial board member is 1 year and auto renewable. An Editorial Board member may withdraw at any period of time from his / her membership by providing the publisher with the correct and valid information.

Reviewers Guidelines

ContusM publisher follow rapid double blinded peer review process where authors and reviewers details are maintained confidential. Once the article is submitted to the corresponding journal, it will be assigning to editorial board members of that journal and after checking from editor whether manuscript is within scope of journal and invite reviewers depending on area of expertise and knowledge. Once the reviewer comments are received, it will be notified to authors to make modifications accordingly. After submission of revised manuscript by authors will be sent back again to check the amendments upon final decision will be taken for acceptance by the handling editor.

Instructions for the Reviewer

  • Reviewers should respect the privacy and confidentiality of the authors and do not disclose the manuscript information.
  • Reviewers should not use the content and information for their own benefit or share with any other individual or organization.
  • Reviewers must agree to review the assigned manuscript only if they have expertise in the subject area adequate for accurate assessment and give a constructive report.
  • Ensure that all authors have equal opportunity to publish and their origin, ethnicity, race, religion, gender or political beliefs do not influence the peer review process.
  • Reviews should be based on materiality, integrity, scientific strength, potential interest, completeness, clarity and ethics in the manuscript.
  • Reviewers should inform if they are involved in the submitted work in any manner and decline to review the manuscript.
  • Reviewers should inform the Editor if the manuscript has been already reviewed by them for any other journal or publication group and seek guidance whether to carry further or not.
  • Reviewers should notify the Editor instantly if they found any partial or whole information in the manuscript is plagiarized or infringed.
  • Reviewers must notify the Editor if they have any concerns in the study, ethical aspects or misconduct in the manuscript.
  • Reviewers should not attempt to communicate with the authors regarding the manuscript without the permission from the Editor.

Important Notes

  • Please acknowledge immediately whether you can serve as a Reviewer or not.
  • If you do not have the content or subject expertise to handle the review process completely, reject it.
  • Reviewers are given 10 days to submit their review reports.
  • Editor will take a complete decision on the manuscript even if at least two reviews were received within the time-frame regardless the third Reviewer's report.
  • Contact the Editor for any additional required documents in support to the submitted manuscript.
  • Please, keep a copy of the review comments document for your future reference in case a revision is submitted by the author.
  • Kindly respond immediately with required info and review comments whenever the Editor contacts you for the post review process regarding the reviewed manuscript.
  • Please be conscious of the journal policies, regulations and guidelines.
Open Access and APC

The international open access peer-reviewed journals requires Article Processing Charges that will be billed by submitting author following the acceptance of a manuscript for publication. There is no submission fee. Article processing charges (APCs) are levied on the author of the manuscript being published. Article processing charge will not be refunded after the manuscript is published online.

Who can request an APC discount or more?

Discounts or more to reduce Article Publishing Charges (APCs) for open access articles are available to:

Please note that changes made to these lists by the World Bank each July.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information:

Manuscript Removal Policy

The author may not want to publish his/her manuscript after submitting it to any journal of ContusM Publications. We do not charge a fee for terminating and removing an article from the journal if the author specifies it within a week. If an author wants to remove the manuscript after one week, he / she will be asked to pay a partial processing fee from the article process fee. This fee is charged by our publisher for using a variety of services during the processing of a manuscript. We request the authors to pay 30% of the original article processing fee in case of termination or removal of manuscript after one week.

Article Processing Charges


$ 950

  • Research Article
  • Review Article
Submit Manuscript


$ 590

  • Case Reports / Case Series
  • Case Blog / Case Studies
Publish with us


$ 320

  • Clinical Images
  • Editorials / Short Articles / Other
Submit Paper
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